A quick tour
Compiling a simple order
Add some HVAC pieces
Nesting it!
Move piece and check tecnology
Oops !!
Compiling the program for the machine
Quick tour final considerations
CutExpert a program with HVAC producers in mind
The HVAC library of CutExpert
Seams not a simple matter
Unroll why a 3D Cad cannot help you
One piece many works
Rules on piece's parameters
Managing standard pieces
Documentation & printing your needs our proposal
Batch management
Import of drawings
All informations you need in one window
Following the production workflow
BOM (Bill of materials)
Interfacing CutExpert with a PDM system
HVacDuct MC4 the CAE system for HVAC producers
A fast & flexible nesting system integrated in
The exceptional performance of the optimizer
Moving piece manually
Smart grid functionality
Optimizing and re-optimizing
Scrap management
The Undo / Redo
Why so important ?
An example : trying nesting options
Another example : expoloring common cut options
Lead in / Lead out
Common cuts
Offset management
Cutting order
Automatic way
Manual way
Mixing automatic & manual engines
Marking text defined in the drawings
Mark automatically the name of the piece
Post-processor (compiling the program for the machine)
The Cad system of CutExpert
A quick tour
The WYSIWYG interface of ExpCad
Functions to check profiles
Some interesting macros
Editing piece from CutExpert
Splitting pieces
Extend macro functionality

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